Kids act crafty at Monroe Library

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:49

    MONROE-Local children and teens have been acting pretty crafty around the Monroe Free Library lately. In addition to reading lots of books this summer, the library's younger patrons have been busy making visors, windsocks, T-shirts, bookends, and more. "Both children and staff look forward to crafts at the library," said Rebecca Lynn, head of Children's Services at the library, "Crafts add another dimension to the library experience." Programs are developed by grade level, starting at Kindergarten and on up to high school. Crafts range from the elaborate, n making a pet pouch n to the artistic n carving stamps out of foam and printing with them n to the truly amazing, making a wallet from duct tape. The duct tape wallet craft was a lot of fun for local teens, especially since the instructor was a fellow teen. The finished product is surprisingly attractive. "Teens have since gone on to make duct tape items like tote bags," said Mrs. Lynn, "One teen is planning to make a duct tape tuxedo." Library assistants Christina Ryan-Linder and Charlotte Grossarth design and facilitate many of the crafts. Several of the crafts are on display in the lobby of the Monroe Library at 44 Millpond Parkway.