It'a magic at the Monroe Free Libary

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:49

    MONROE-Jokes flew through the air as fast as the juggler's beanbags. Objects disappeared and reappeared in unexpected places. A young girl floated in mid-air. What was going on at the Monroe Free Library? Did Harry Potter step out of a book and come to life? No, it was the Steve Johnson Magic Variety Show. As a final event in the Summer Reading Program, young readers were treated to a humorous and amazing professional magic act. "It was a thrilling send-off to a summer of great reading," said Rebecca Lynn, head of Children's Services at the library. As the audience of over 54 people watched in wonder, magician Steve Johnson did the seemingly impossible with flair and ease. He tore up a newspaper and made it reappear, fully assembled again. Spectacular feats of juggling caused the audience to gasp. His dry humor and deadpan expression kept the spectators laughing. There was plenty of audience participation, as well. Children from the audience shackled the magician in handcuffs, allowed themselves to be levitated, and wrapped Johnson up in a straitjacket for an escape a la Houdini. All in all, it was a magical evening for