| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:52

    It was sixteen years ago when my husband, Jose and I decided to host a thanksgiving dinner in our New York apartment. I thought it was the perfect time to impress my new In-laws. So, the apt had to be perfect on that day! Perfectly clean, perfectly organized, perfect Thanksgiving dinner. Only one small problem, I didn’t have the art of cooking a decent meal down packed yet. But, I had determination what else did I need! Well, the first thing I did that week was to get all my groceries done, including buying this huge turkey. Then I did the best next thing, I called my mom for instructions on preparing and cooking the holiday meal. I should have known I was heading for disaster due to my lack of experienceâ€-hmmâ€-how should I say it, in COOKING! I cleaned the turkey thoroughlyâ€-so I thought! I seasoned it, placed it in a pan, it looked perfect! Then I prepared the rest of the meal. Finally, the day was hereâ€-Thanksgiving Day! After slaving over a hot stove, and preparing the so called perfect meal, needless to say the turkey looked and smelled marvelous when it came out of the oven, everything was going to be perfect! My guests arrived; we were all sitting at the tableâ€-it’s time to carve the turkey! My father in-law, Antonio, had the honor of carving. Anticipation filled the air. As my in-law cut into the middle of the turkey the knife got caught in something, what could it be? Trying to get the knife out he pulls out of the turkey a bag of MUSHY, HALF-COOKED TURKEY GUTS! I was not aware that was hidden in the turkey and had to be removed! The look of horror on my face was obvious to everyone. It had to be a Kodak moment. My father in-law jokingly discarded the bag of guts and continued carving the turkey, assuring everyone that it was the most delicious looking turkey he had seen in a very long time. Right there and then, I knew my father in-law (may he rest in peace) and I were going to become very good friends. So, you see Thanksgiving is not only a time to eat all your favorite foods and then feel guilty about it the next day, it is also for creating special memories that will last even 16 years laterâ€-