George Grant Mason School hosts eighth annual geography bee

| 22 Feb 2012 | 04:48

Tuxedo - Twenty-two enthusiastic fifth and sixth graders participated in the George Grant Mason School’s eighth annual Geography Bee held Jan. 11. Questions were asked from a broad variety of geography topics, including U.S. geography, world geography, continents, historical and cultural geography. The bee is sponsored by the National Geographic Society, the T.O.P.S. after-school club and the Tuxedo PTO. The winners are Madeline Gedvila, first place; Morgan Gray, second place; Samantha Castricone, third place; and John Ligenza, fourth place. The Tuxedo PTO awarded Border’s gift certificates to the winners. The deciding question The winning question during the eighth annual Geography Bee at the George Grant Mason School in Tuxedo was: “Hot Springs National Park is located north of Arkadelphia and Lake Hamilton in what state?” Answer: Arkansas