Fundraiser set for next Thursday at Pizzeria Uno's

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:56

    CENTRAL VALLEY-There is nothing stopping Jaclyn Williams. Jaclyn has found yet another way to help her friend Allison Murphy and to raise money for 7-year-old little girl who is bound to a wheelchair. Ten-year-old Jaclyn Williams has been featured in several issues of The Photo News and its readers have followed Jaclyn through her mission to improve Allison's life. Less than a year ago, Jaclyn raised money in the community to buy Allison a recreational swing. Just over a month ago, the fifth grader began a new quest; to raise money to purchase a wheelchair-accessible vehicle for Allison, who has cerebral palsy and is both epileptic and legally blind, and her family. Her efforts brought in more than $1,000 from Photo News readers alone. Jaclyn is now stepping up her fundraising efforts, with the help of her mother, Alba, and having a fundraiser at Pizzeria UNO's Chicago Bar and Grill in Harriman. Next Thursday Jan., 27, UNO's will open its doors and give 15 to 20 percent of the profits from that day toward Jaclyn's fund for Allison. The fundraising event lasts all day, from when the restaurant opens at 11 a.m. to when it closes at midnight. All patrons who have the voucher for the event will see a percentage of their money go toward the fund. Alba, Laurie and their two daughters are gearing up for the event next week and all are excited. "Both girls feel great about it, Allison was screaming when she found out," said Alba Williams. Jaclyn is also excited about next Thursday and wanted to miss school so she could be there all day. "I told her that we will have dinner and spend some time with Allison and her family. But I told her that she can't be there all day because she has to go to school," Williams chuckled. Alba and Jaclyn had approached UNO's with the idea for the fundraiser and Alba said, "They told us ‘yes' right away, Allison is a regular customer there." An UNO's manager said that at the restaurant, they all know and love young Allison very much and are also excited about next Thursday. "The waiters and waitresses almost fight to be able to serve Allison and her family when they come. They love her so much," she said. The manager also described how the percentages to the fund will go: $999.99 or less, 15 percent of sales go toward the fund and $1,000 or more and 20 percent of sales go into Allison's fund. The manager herself was excited as she stated, "We love little Allison so much and I can't wait until next Thursday." Now the fundraising is all up to the community. Alba said she is also grateful to the community which has already given so much to help. "I personally feel that there's so much the community could give if they are approached in the right way and when it is a good cause they go out of their way." If the community comes out in full force again this coming Thursday, it may very well have made a major impact on the life of Allison and her family.