Developing, expanding local trails on county agenda

| 22 Feb 2012 | 02:36

    Goshen - Developing local trails and expanding the established Heritage Trial to Middletown are among the projects now being scheduled by the Orange County Technical Committee. Sugar Loaf sidewalks are also on county’s agenda. The committee will take action on these projects at its next policy committee meeting on Nov. 16: Heritage Trail Towns of Goshen and Wallkill Stage 1: Hartley Road to downtown Middletown: Study and build a multiuse trail for bicycle and pedestrian transportation and future light rail corridor. Middletowen and Wallkill Bikeway construction of 2.7 miles of a bicycle/pedestrian path on the abandoned railroad right-of-way from Middletown to Howells. Villages of Monroe and Harriman Stage 2: Village of Monroe municipal parking lot to Harriman Railroad Station. Other recreational paths Hamlet of Bullville, Town of Wallkill Erie Railroad Trail: Construction of a paved trail along the abandoned Erie Railroad alignment, parallel to Route 302, for a length of 3.7 miles from Route 17 to Bullville. Warwick Bike route and pedestrian trail to provide a designated bike route and an off road pedestrian trail between the Appalachian Trail and the Warwick County Park. Town of Goshen Development of the Goshen bicycle/pedestrian trail. Sidewalks Town of Chester Construction of sidewalks in Sugar Loaf along Kings Highway, from Woods Road to Demarest Road. Funded under the High Priority Projects Program.