Co-op celebrates 25 years of babysitting

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:50

    Monroe -Want to go out on a Friday night but can't find a sitter? Frustrated by trying to find reliable sitters? Concerned about the cost of a sitter? Join the Babysitting Co-op of the Monroe Area, which recently celebrated its 25 anniversary. The advantages are: 1. You spend no money for babysitting. 2. You get occasional day, evening or emergency overnight care. 3. Your children acquire more playmates, develop social skills, and gain an increased sense of community. 4. You get opportunities to see your children interact with others. 5. You meet other families in the neighborhood, extend your support network and pick up tips on parenting. 6. You get free time when you need it. 7. You get the security of knowing that your children are being looked after by other parents that you know. 8. You also get quality childcare, a support network of other women who deal with many of the same daily issues as you do, the opportunity to spend time on yourself and a new group of friends for you and your children. All co-op members receive membership lists from their co-ops which contain the name, address and phone number of each member, their children's names and ages, an emergency number and the name and phone number of the children's doctor. The intention of the Babysitting Co-op is for parents that are stay at home or part-time working parents to provide occasional babysitting. Please note the Babysitting Co-op is not intended to be used as a day care option for full time working parents since you will also need to be available to babysit for other families. The Babysitting Co-op concept is simple and its practice is multi-rewarding. A Babysitting Co-op offers you the opportunity to get involved in community or personal interest activities. It also carries with it the responsibility to give your time to others, caring for their children. In addition, your children will learn valuable social skills through their interaction with other children of different ages and both you and your children may form lifetime friendships. If interested in joining the Babysitting Co-op, please call Jody Baum at 782-6184 or Adria Gross at 782-7132.