Carlucci is the one

| 22 Feb 2012 | 01:36

    David Carlucci is my choice for N.Y. state senator (38th district). He has impressed me as a person who says what he means and means what he says. I am firmly convinced that he will not cooperate with the current system in Albany. His main focus as state senator will be to reform the out-dated property tax formula, end three men in a room making all the decisions, and grow jobs! David pledges that he will use his experience as a successful innovative leader to take Albany out of the Dark Ages. He said, “I will fight from my first moment in office to reform the way the state senate does business. Without that reform, we will not be able to tackle the pressing issues of exploding property taxes; we won’t be able to fix our outdated property tax formula; and we won’t be able to stop pitting the education of our school children against the economic interests of property owners.” As the Town Clerk of Clarkstown for three terms (he defeated a 28-year incumbent!) David significantly modernized his department and saved the town thousands of dollars. Now he wants to go to Albany and effect changes that will make New York a model of responsible government. Once that happens, New York State will be attractive to businesses, good jobs, and offer a fine quality of life to all of us who live here. Jerry Schacher Warwick