C. V. Associates at 25

Harriman. C.V. Associates, founded by C.V. Shashikumar in 1995 was recently honored by Harriman for 25 years in business. The business has been growing since 1999.

| 17 Nov 2020 | 05:55

C.V. Associates is celebrating 25 years of providing consulting engineering services in the States of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania; with pre-qualification and certifications in the State of Texas, opening on Oct. 10, 1995.

The company, growing since 1999, has submitted 1,320 proposals for highway and bridge projects, and have been assigned 300 projects. Similarly, CVA has submitted 703 proposals in surveying and have been assigned 75 projects. Cumulatively, CVA has performed or is performing on 375 projects in the last 25 years. Through these years, 275 engineers and technicians helped CVA to complete 25 years of consulting engineering service.

CVA has completed or is completing maintenance inspections of around 25,500 structures such as bridges, large culverts / small bridges, overhead sign structures, transmission towers, gantries, high mast lights, building facades, etc. In Construction Inspection, CVA has provided services for projects totaling a construction value of $5.75 billion, either as a sub or as a prime consultant; directly supervising more than $1 billion of construction value in the last 25 years.

Some of CVA’s projects include Quality Control Engineering of Tappan Zee Bridge, Maintenance Inspection of Grand Island Bridges, Surveying of roadway improvement of Woodbury Project, Construction Inspection of Parksville Route 17 Project, etc.

CVA was awarded “Tappan Zee Award” by American Society of Civil Engineers for their work on the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Every year, CVA awards scholarships to Valedictorian & Salutatorian to Monroe Woodbury High School students and actively participate in local community activities, such as career day of local High School or local Labor Department in Newburgh.