Bringing ‘small town life' back to a big community

| 22 Feb 2012 | 01:39

    Last Friday, July 20th, we held a Family Fun Event at the Earl Reservoir in Highland Mills. All of the proceeds went to benefit Anthony Favia, a neighbor and a friend to many. Anthony was in a motorcycle accident on July 4th and they now have a lot of medical bills. That night we raised over $12,000. There are several businesses and people I want to thank, who with their donation of time, food and money made that night possible. First off, I want to thank the Woodbury Parks Department for the use of their park and for the clean up help. Thank you to Joey, Heather and Mike for all their hard work. One of the reasons we are proud to live in Woodbury is because of our beautiful parks. I also want to thank the Woodbury Community Association for the food donation and all the help cooking. And the Monroe-Woodbury Rotary Club for their volunteers who helped serve food. You helped to feed more than 400 people. The following businesses donated money, time and food: Model Electronics, Inc., Erol Ogut Band, DJ Rob Schiff, The Art Studio, Jessica with Yoga for Kids, Max the Magician, BJ’s, Hannaford’s, ShopRite, Stop and Shop and Price Chopper. Also: Birchwood Caterers, Chilli’s, Crossroads Cafe, Giovanni’s Deli, Jay’s Deli, Lady Fingers Bakery, La Vera Cucina. Lepore’s Italian Market and Mulligan’s. Also: Planet Pizza, Ryne Noonan, Gerard Wendoloski from Keebler, Soda from Tuxedo Wine and Liquor, Steve Fishelburg, The Photo News and Party Shack. We also had so many local businesses that donated items for our raffles; there were more than 30 baskets that helped to raise a lot of money. Thank you. It was a night that brought “small town life” back to a big community. Thanks to all for coming and having fun for a good cause. The following women worked hard and devoted so much time to make that night a success, we were a great team. Thank you to: Lisa DeFelice, Danielle Faller, Nancy Kriz, Melissa McHugh, Sharon Murphy, Deb Strohmeir, Marcia Schiff, Leslie Stella, Dawn Tauber, Laura O’Dea, Fran Pennolino, Jennifer Weiner and Sherry Wright. Also, for set up and clean up help: Sue Guiffre, Dana Coppersmith, Allison Heder, Alice Guyt, Sara from the Army and Jenny Ladue. And for all the young girls for all the face painting, tattoos and set up help. Thank You. Thanks also to Rocco and all of the team’s husbands who helped clean up, carry, load and unload that night and for the support the last six weeks to make it happen. Your neighbor, Beth Guglielmello Highland Mills