‘Bill Larkin has shown leadership that is essential'

| 22 Feb 2012 | 02:16

    During my tenure as County Executive, I had the pleasure of working with Senator Bill Larkin on many policy issues and projects which became beneficial to the residents of Orange County. Since I have entered the private sector and have served on many boards, my interaction with Bill Larkin has continued and I find that he has not lost his commitment to the people he represents. With the disastrous situation in Albany and Washington, D.C., we need an individual whose commitment to his constituents is always evident. Regardless of what the situation is, whether it be government or the private sector, Bill Larkin has shown leadership that is essential in accomplishing his goals. Senator Bill Larkin has always made himself available and I am proud of his many accomplishments, such as the Purple Heart Stamp, the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor and the soon to be completed SUNY Orange branch campus in Newburgh. Lou Heimbach Warwick