A thanksgiving poem

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:52

    It was my first Thanksgiving Dinner for the "in-laws". I had made my list and shopped all the stores For everthing from soup to nuts I was going to pull this off, no ifs, ands, or buts! I arose real early to fix the bird, Remembering horror stories I had heard Of ovens that broke and turkeys served raw And all the rumors of "Murphy's Law". I then started in preparing the fixings Dicing and slicing and doing the mixings -- Veggies, potatoes, yams, and such Cakes and deserts n I had so much! I set the table with new silver and dishes Then made a couple of silent wishes For all to go off without a hitch -- (My mother-in-law could be such a witch!) I cleaned the house from bottom to top Making certain that I didn't stop ‘Til all was totally spic and span And everything proceeded according to plan! I then got the kids ready n all dressed up Took care of the kitty and the new pup My hubby helped me (where I allowed) Then I got myself ready to greet the crowd. I showered and dressed and felt really calm I was in complete control, no cause for alarm. I put the finishing touches on the set table Feeling confident, secure, and oh, so able. The doorbell rang as I was in the kitchen Doing last minute things so no one need "pitch in". I poured the drippings from the turkey into the blender Added "secret" ingredients, a devine gravy to render. I pushed the button on high and just as I did I realized that I had forgotten the lid! And as I heard the guests arrive at the door I had gravy decorating my walls and my floor! What could I do? What could I say? How could I ever save the day? My husband who was standing nearby Came to my side without blinking an eye Put his hand to his brow and said with a smirk "I can't believe I just did that, I'm such a jerk!" And winking at me as his mom walked in He handed me the lid and said with a grin "Mom, I was trying to help and look what I did! I'm just as bad as a little kid!" And with that sweet gesture the day was won (‘Cause a mother-in-law will always forgive her son!) We cleaned up together and laughed as we did While the folks gathered ‘round and played with the kids And the dinner was fine and the day turned out great (And I gave silent THANKS for my choice of a mate!)