Michael Moran

| 15 Nov 2022 | 12:41

Our son Michael Moran left this world on November 5, 2022, at the age of 42. He was a resident of both Orange and Westchester Counties. He died peacefully at his home with no physical pain. Michael was predeceased by his father Kenneth Moran. Michael is survived by his parents Michele and David Atkinson, Bart Atkinson - brother, Kenny Moran - brother, John Moran and Jeannie Moran - brother and sister-in-law, Lillian Louglas and Peter Louglas - sister and brother-in-law, and Barbara L’Abbate and Paul L’Abbate - sister and brother-in-law, along with aunts, uncles and many cousins and friends.

Michael had a few different types of businesses throughout his life, with painting and repairs as the bulk of his work but occasionally landing a large job at West Point or Woodbury Commons. Michael was an innovator when it came to organic herbal gardening. Alas, ahead of the times in some respects. He had family memberships in Monroe Historical Society and New York Botanical Garden.

He will be sadly missed and will always hold a place in our hearts. We would love you to come and honor his life at the Flynn Funeral Home located at 139 Stage Road, Monroe, NY, on Saturday November 26th from 2pm to 5 pm.

In lieu of flowers please make a donation (check, money order or shoprite gift card) to the food bank in Monroe Sacred Heart Church Outreach program, in memory of Michael Moran.

It is located at 26 Still Rd Monroe, NY 10950