Wanted: Worthy candidate for 2023 Martha Washington Woman of History Award

Newburgh. Nominees for the award have distinguished themselves in the field of Hudson Valley History.

| 31 Oct 2022 | 12:38

Each year, Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site selects a recipient for the Martha Washington Woman of History Award. This award is given to a woman who has distinguished herself in the field of Hudson Valley history. The award is presented at the Site’s annual program, “The General’s Lady,” held in the spring, during Women’s History Month. Is there a woman from the local Hudson Valley area you feel deserves to be the 2023 recipient of this honor? If so, then nominate her.

Many women are dedicated to sharing and preserving history. Perhaps you know of a woman who shares history with children by telling stories or taking them to historic sites. Is there a woman who has done research about the Hudson Valley and has shared her findings to encourage others to do the same? Do you know a woman who has used her private time or resources to preserve a landmark of historic significance? These are just a few examples of what could qualify a woman to be a candidate for this award.

The Woman of History award acknowledges Martha Washington’s important place in history as a devoted patriot in support of the American Revolution and the ensuing new nation. This will be the twenty-first year the award is given, continuing the site’s desire to honor women who carry on Martha Washington’s legacy by sharing their devotion to Hudson Valley history.

Nominations must be completed and received by January 6, 2023.

Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site is the first publicly owned historic site in the Nation.

To access a nomination form, go to the website at parks.ny.gov, click on this link or call (845) 562-1195.
Along with 2022 recipient, Nina Postupack, previous recipients of the award are:
2003 Janet Dempsey - Author/Historian
2004 Carol Ash - former Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation
2005 Patricia Favata - Author/Historian
2006 Barbara Bedell - TIMES-HERALD RECORD columnist
2007 Mary McTamaney - City of Newburgh Historian
2008 Mary Mangione - former Hudson River Valley Greenway Director
2009 Elizabeth McKean - City of Newburgh Records Management Director
2010 Mary Ann Fish - Environmental Historian
2011 Mara Farrell - Community Activist
2012 Stella Bailey - Historian/Preservationist
2013 Mary Etta Schneider - Preservationist
2014 Mary Sudman Donovan - Author/Historian
2014 Kathleen P. Mitchell - Founder’s Award
2015 Willa Skinner - Historian/Author
2016 Denise Doring VanBuren - Historian/Preservationist
2017 Mary Ellen Matise - Historian/Researcher/Educator
2018 Dawn Elliott - Historic interpreter/Reenactor/ Educator
2019 Mildred Starin - Historic Advocate/Preservationist
2020 Ruth Piwonka – Historian/Preservationist
2021 Sue Gardner – Historical Archivist/Librarian
2022 Nina Postupack – Educator/Historian