Temporary bridge coming soon to Ridge Road in Woodbury

Woodbury. A temporary bridge will be installed on Ridge Rd., with work beginning by Thanksgiving

| 14 Nov 2022 | 10:58

Ridge Road, which leads into the Highland Lakes Estate Community, has been closed by the Village of Woodbury Highway Department since March of 2022 because it was no longer safe, says Town of Monroe Supervisor Tom Burke. Discussions ensued over the course of the summer and into early fall about the situation. In August of 2022 a newsletter went out to about 3,000 Woodbury residents showing the extensive damage on Ridge Road.

“Our goal was to inform the community of various discussions underway with FEMA, Department of Emergency Services and DEC,” said Burke.

In October new information was provided.

“On October 14, the Woodbury Town attorney received a phone call from the Village attorney, who explained details of a 2014 IMA between the Village and Town that had been resurrected,” Burke said. “Immediate collaboration ensued with the Town and Village and collectively we landed upon an agreement on October 25th. They are moving forward with an interim rental bridge, scheduled to begin by Thanksgiving.”

The Village will be the Lead Agency on this project, overseen by Rob Weyant.

Sullivan County Paving & Construction, Inc. will work on the temporary bridge. Numerous parties are involved on the project other than the Village and Town, Burke said. Assessments are made by engineers, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and FEMA.

Burke outlined the process. The temporary bridge is a two-part project: the rental bridge is installed and then given “scour protection.” Scour protection is necessary to alter the stream bed and prevent water flow from eroding the bridge. This interim remedy will remain until the permanent structure comes to fruition in 2023.

Burke acknowledged residents for their “understanding and resilience.”

They are moving forward with an interim rental bridge, scheduled to begin by Thanksgiving. - Woodbury Town Supervisor Tom Burke