Redbud, Magnolia and Malus Robinson trees planted in Tuxedo Park, aided by state grant

Tuxedo Park. Tuxedo Park Tree Advisory Board and supporters from Tuxedo Park School planted six trees by the Village Office, funded by a grant.

| 28 Nov 2022 | 07:53

Six trees were planted at the Village Office site by the Tuxedo Park Tree Advisory Board, with the help of students, teachers, and parents from Tuxedo Park School, on Nov.4 . NYS Urban Forestry Council/Tree City USA provided the grant to buy trees and soil, which the group wanted to use to plant oaks. But local nurseries were out of oak stock. They planted two varieties of redbud (Cercis canadensis ‘Flame Thrower’ and ‘Forest Pansy’), two Malus ‘Robinson’ and two Magnolia virginiana.

Amid all the rain in Tuxedo Park, the planted trees are dormant. No watering needs are anticipated this fall and winter. Next year, the Village Office staff and Garden Club members will take responsibility for watering as necessary.