Plein air fest in fall for Tuxedo

Tuxedo. The Town of Tuxedo Plein Air Festival, with a silent auction, will be September 28- October 2, 2022.

| 01 Aug 2022 | 12:23

Tuxedo Art and Music announced they will again sponsor a Plein Air Festival this fall. Artists will have the opportunity to capture regional vistas and landmarks, including autumn color schemes in Sterling Forest, Harriman State Park and historic landmarks throughout Tuxedo.

Guided by a virtual map, artists, residents and nature and art lovers are encouraged to explore sites and landscapes throughout Tuxedo.

Painting will take place Tuesday, September 27-30, culminating in a “Meet the Artists Reception” on Friday, September 30 at the Tuxedo Train Station, 6-8 p.m. Artists’ work will remain on exhibit and sale through the weekend and coincide with the Tuxedo Farmer’s Market.

This year, the exhibit will feature a silent auction. Artists contribute a small painting (5x7) for bidding and bidding for each piece starts at $35. This has been added to the program at the suggestion of last year’s attendees who asked for a price point that would allow them to own a beautiful fine art painting.

The event is open to plein air artists throughout the Hudson Valley. Limited space is available and participants are on a first come basis.

For applications for artist participation and/or sponsorship contact: Lita, Artist Coordinator: 845-781-3269
The event is sponsored by the Town of Tuxedo and the Tuxedo Chamber of Commerce and will take place Tuesday, September 27 through Sunday October 2, 2022.