Future Green at Sears Howell Homestead receives conditional approval

Meanwhile, Blooming Grove Planning Board found that a proposed gigantic warehouse needs more shielding from view.

| 01 Jun 2022 | 05:49

Blooming Grove - The Future Green landscaping company has received conditional approval from Blooming Grove Planning Board to use the Sears Howell Homestead and farm as a satellite office, while respecting the property as an important historic homestead.

Future Green will add a woodworking shop and a metalworking shop in the barn area, but, they said, those uses will be limited since it is a satellite office used primarily for architectural drawing, client interaction and housing. The few elements remaining for final approval include approval by the Department of Transportation of a clear line of view along Route 94 for the entrance and completion of associated culvert repair or replacement.

The review during the last week of May covered a lengthy list of items, including septic details, maintenance of a historic on-site cemetery, rip-rap on inlet and outlets of the culvert, and a cost estimate from the engineer on site improvements. The site is in a Rural Crossroads District which allows limited commercial activity.

There will be no significant changes to the property or facade. Limited lighting will be downlit, and five parking spots have been land banked for any future possible need.

Final approval is expected when the DOT has had their say on the entrance.

In other Planning Board news, a balloon test was conducted on the proposed 750,000 sf Craigville Logistics Warehouse. Eight red balloons were flown at a height of 40 ft. where the building will be located, along with two yellow ones at the Southern end of the property, at a height of 60 ft.

The result was that there was some limited view of the balloons along the adjacent Heritage Trail. The applicant must shield the viewshed impact by building a berm with sufficient tree coverage. This project still requires significant review prior to approval.