Discover Tuxedo Day launches June 11

The Tuxedo Community Activity Council is a new community group aiming to connect the community with its history and resources.

| 03 Jun 2022 | 05:18

Discover Tuxedo Day is an opportunity to meet and greet your neighbors, local businesses, and organizations.

“You can find a plumber or join the Pollination Meadow Volunteers”, says Kimberly Breiland, one of the organizers of Tuxedo Community Activity Council (TCAC).

Organizations and vendors will be on site at Powerhouse Park to meet with residents and have an opportunity to explain the services they offer. With over 30 participants, Discover Tuxedo is scheduled to coincide with the opening of Tuxedo’s Farmer’s Market located at the historic Tuxedo Train Station.

TCAC, founded by Tuxedo residents and community members and organizers, was established to unite Tuxedo residents with informative and recreational programs that focus on the historical and unique characteristics of Tuxedo.

Discover Tuxedo is the first event planned by the organization, with many more events in the works.

Discover Tuxedo Day: Saturday, June 11, 2022: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., Powerhouse Park
For a list of participants, or information on how you can attend, email or call Noreen Fenell, Tuxedo Chamber of Commerce at 845-258-7147