Chinese Association gathers for kite competition and egg hunt

In Harriman Park, prizes were given for highest kite flying, most skillful kite flying and most creative kite.

| 18 Apr 2022 | 08:45

Kites enlivened the sky and Easter eggs adorned the ground on Saturday, as Orange County Chinese Association families and friends gathered in Harriman park to cavort and prepare to compete in their kite competition and Easter egg hunt.

People flew kites to practice, hoping to win one of three awards for the contest. The first award went to Kevin Jin, who won the “highest kite” award. It was a tough decision between two contestants who both flew their kites high into the air, but Kevin Jin won by a slim margin.

The second award, for the most skillful kite flying, went to Claire Jin, whose kite had an elegant parrot design. She and her father managed to keep the kite up in the air as they ran around, twirling the parrot in the wind.

The third award, for the most creative kite, was given to Jessie Gao who had a butterfly kite with vivid unusual colors. The last award was given to Michael Cui, who worked hard with his father to keep their kite hovering above the ground. In the end their efforts paid off, and their kite flew high up into the air, almost surpassing every kite, as he sprinted across the field countless times.

At the end of the kite contest, kids darted to their baskets for the Easter egg hunt, then ran around the park, gathering eggs full of their favorite candy. One finder, Flora, found the special golden egg. Along with these events, the OCCA celebrated the birthdays of Elissa Duan, Michael Qu, and Derek Lin.