Library worker gains U.S. citizenship

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:14

    MONROE-The Monroe Free Library recently celebrated the new United States citizenship of Angela Farrugia, non-fiction page. Library workers treated Angela to a surprise breakfast before opening hours on June 30. Dressed in red, white, and blue, the staff carried out the American theme with patriotic decorations and a flag cake. The opportunities and freedom of the United States drew Angela and her family to make their home here. She has ardently pursued her United States citizenship. "My family and I have been waiting a long time and we are so happy that I am now a citizen." Angela, a native of Malta, first learned of the United States during weekly visits to her hometown library. "We learned there was a new big world out there, and not just our little teeny weeny world." Her childhood library was very small and not technically up-to-date. Progress has come to Malta as well, but library facilities there are still not the equal to those in the United States. It was harder to keep up with the world with a limited library. Angela hopes for a new Monroe Free Library building. The vote on the new building will be on Nov. 2. "A good library is so important for the children, and for everyone," she says. Because of Malta's location between Sicily and Africa, Angela grew up speaking several languages. In addition to English and Maltese, she also speaks Italian and French. Marilyn McIntosh, Monroe Free Library director, says, "Angela is a true asset to our staff, where we value diversity that reflects our growing community. We appreciate her hard work and friendly disposition." Be sure to stop by the Monroe Free Library and welcome Angela to the wonderful world of United States citizenship. She'll be the lady with the big smile, humming "Yankee Doodle.".