Clemson Bros. Brewery: Tapping into great beer, the wedding industry, and software

Middletown. Clemson Bros. Brewery continues to grow -- adding a wedding venue to its Middletown location and developing a rewards program for its customers. Clemson’s locally curated draughts will be flowing alongside beer and cider from six other local craft beverage makers at the Black Dirt Beer Bash Saturday, September 10. Tickets are available now at

| 30 Aug 2022 | 12:07

There is something magical about that first sip of a beer right off the tap, but it’s not as simple as release and pour. It is a science and an art, according to Clemson Bros. Brewery owner Kenan Porter.

“There is a lot of variables... but it is important to make sure your beer is properly conditioned, properly stored, and then properly poured... there is a real chemistry element to it” said Porter

Known as one of the first craft breweries in Orange County, Clemson Bros. Brewery was established in 2012, and opened its doors in the heart of industrial Middletown on October 8, 2015.

The idea of creating a brewery and restaurant in the old Clemson Bros. Saw Factory was planted by the town of Middletown. Porter, who has a background in beverage distribution, and his brother-in-law Paul, who always wanted to brew beer, brought it to fruition.

Nearly seven years later, Clemson Bros. Brewery now boasts a beer list of 23 varieties, and offers 12 craft beers on tap, including the award-winning M-Town Sunset, widely popular “I Dream of Coconuts,” IPTea (an IPA version of a Twisted Tea), and staple Clemson Pilsner.

“What’s unique about us is we also work in small batches,” said Porter. “So our beer is fresh all the time.”

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Ever the businessman, Porter is continuing to expand Clemson Bro’s offerings beyond great beer and eats.

When COVID-19 stalled the wedding industry for two years -- to the point where some traditional venues such as Anthony’s Pier 9 in New Windsor permanently closed -- Clemson Bros. saw an opportunity to expand its current private event and wedding options. The brewery is currently building out its 90,000 square-foot warehouse to accommodate larger celebrations. The industrial-chic ballroom space is scheduled to go into construction this fall, with plans to be operational for the 2023 wedding season.

Porter is also in the midst of developing software for “MunchOut,” a referral-rewards program that will provide users with digital currency to be used towards dining out. When a MunchOut user refers a friend to Clemson Bros. through the software, “you are continually rewarded every time they come here,” explained Porter. “Your MunchOut account will continue to collect revenue, even when you are not here yourself.”

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Clemson Bros. Brewery has another location in New Paltz, N.Y. (formerly the Gilded Otter), and has hopes to resume building a new location Pine Island, which was paused after the Covid-19 outbreak.

Clemson Bros. Brewery is one of the seven local beer and cider makers that will be at the Black Dirt Beer Bash in Sugar Loaf, N.Y. on September 10. Tickets for the event are available now at