Beautiful People thrive astride horses

Warwick. Beautiful People Adaptive Sports’ children with disabilities visited Winslow Therapeutic Riding Center to learn about horses.

| 10 Jan 2023 | 05:52

Winslow Therapeutic Riding Center hosted Beautiful People Adaptive Sports’ athletes recently for an evening of horseback riding and horsemanship. Winslow began collaborating with Beautiful People in 2022 to provide an inclusive equine experience for the athletes once a month. The new program provides children with disabilities and their families the opportunity to learn about horse care, equine nutrition and basic riding skills at the Warwick facility.

“We are so happy to have this partnership with Beautiful People,” Stacy Lenz, Winslow’s Program director, said. “The night is full of smiles, laughter and the fulfillment of watching each individual gain confidence and strength while working with the horses and interacting with the staff, volunteers and each other.”

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