Timothy Egan announces candidacy for re-election

| 23 Feb 2012 | 03:39

    My name is Timothy P. Egan and I am seeking re-election as a Village of Woodbury trustee. I have been very proud to represent the residents of our community for the past two years on our Village Board, and on the Zoning Board of Appeals the previous two years. I feel our team has accomplished much in our short tenure, but there is more work to be done. As an EMS operations chief and IT director I feel have the management, business and leadership experience to represent and continue to work hard for our taxpayers. I am responsible for mission critical data and communications infrastructure. I have managed countless projects that have improved communication, decreased costs and improved workflow throughout the organization. Over the past six years I have led multiple FEMA strike teams to the Gulf Coast on disaster deployments. My professional experiences over the past two plus decades have prepared me well to continue to work for the taxpayers of Woodbury. Our Common Sense Team is a group of results-oriented business professionals. Some of our accomplishments in our two-year term include the initiation of a N.Y.S. Risk Assessment audit at no cost to taxpayers. We invested approximately one million dollars into deteriorating obsolete water and sewer infrastructure. We secured an additional much needed 320,000 gallons per day of sewer capacity from Orange County. We revised the proposed Comprehensive Plan and scheduled a new public hearing. We adopted several laws designed to improve our local economy and make residents safer. These are just a few examples of our recent accomplishments, but there is more to do. We are still working hard on consolidating our town and village governments. We have meetings scheduled with the town board to finalize our resolutions to submit to the state legislature. We will continue to work hard on this initiative until we are successful in merging our two local governments. We continue to work hard on streamlining the budget, always looking for ways to decrease costs. Our team watches every expenditure to ensure we do not waste taxpayer dollars. We never lose sight of the fact that we work for you, the taxpayer. In closing I am asking for your support on Election Day, Tuesday, March 15. Please come out and re-elect the Common Sense Team of Queenan, Egan and Flood. Exercise your right to vote. Thanks for your support. Timothy P. Egan Highland Mills