'Re-elect the best on March 15'

| 23 Feb 2012 | 03:39

    On March 15, the voters in the Village of Harriman will have the opportunity to cast their ballots for a mayor and two village trustees. For the past 10 years, Stephen Welle has served the residents of Harriman as their mayor. He has worked tirelessly to obtain in excess of $200,000 in grant monies for Village of Harriman projects and vehicles. After working closely with the Orange County Partnership, Mayor Wells has brought between 75 and 100 jobs to Harriman with the arrival of the Takasago Corp. This will bring in full property tax revenue to the village. Because Mayor Welle is retired, he is available to the people and issues of the village 24/7. His total devotion to Harriman has meant he is continuously attending meetings with county officials and state legislators regarding the sewer plant odors and attempting to abolish the MTA payroll tax and a continuous fight against unfunded mandates on the local and state level to mention just a few. Through his diligence, Steve Welle has researched and filed for the N.Y.S. Consolidation Implementation Grant for $425,250 to benefit the Village of Harriman taxpayer. I have known Steve Welle for 32 years. He is honest, ethical and hard-working. Prior to his election as mayor in 2001, he was elected to the Village Board of Trustees for a two-year term beginning in April 1998. He also served on the Harriman Zoning Board of Appeals from 1985 to 1997. His public service time to the village of 26 years substantiates that he is truly committed to serving the community in which he has lived for more than 33 years. Christine Sacher, who is a candidate for re-election as village trustee, is an intelligent, outspoken women. She has held steadfast on matters that concern the well-being of the Village of Harriman. Christine has served her community on the Board of Trustees for two terms and was previously on the Planning Board. She has worked closely with the mayor and other board members, cutting utility costs, bringing new multi-purpose fields to Mary Harriman Park, and is cognizant of keeping our parks solely for the Village of Harriman residents’ use and is working closely with town officials to resolve the Bailey Farm Road issue. Larry Mosca is an individual with fresh new ideas. Larry is up for re-election to continue working with the board and the mayor to bring another developer and jobs to the area, which will result in added tax revenue. He has a good rapport with our police and is aware of the importance of maintaining all village services. I feel the best candidates for the Village of Harriman are those who have experience and have shown a genuine interest to serve the public by attending countless meetings on their own time and who love their community and want to improve its quality. That is why I support Steve Welle for mayor and Christine Sacher and Larry Mosca for village trustees. Edward B. Shuart Jr., deputy mayor Village of Harriman