‘Woodbury needs these three women to bring order from chaos’

| 26 Oct 2020 | 01:12

    2020 is a crazy year. Everyday there’s a new health, economic or environmental crisis.

    America’s division is fueled by partisanship, making it harder and harder for government to do the work Americans expect and deserve.

    This election is our chance to correct this by electing candidates with the temperament of public servants; people who insist on solutions; who are thoughtful, informed and who encourage collaboration and negotiation.

    Woodbury is fortunate to have three women running for office who can do this. Sarita Bhandarkar (99 Assembly District) is running against an incumbent who votes along party lines.

    Sarita’s record demonstrates her commitment to advocating for other people’s needs. She protects the rights and dignity of people daily as an Elder Law attorney.

    Juana Leandry and Jacqueline Hernandez are running for Woodbury Village Trustee. Their personal and professional accomplishments are based on understanding that to succeed in public service, a person needs good listening skills and is willing to work collaboratively for solutions that address everyone’s needs. As Trustees, they will act as partners with all their colleagues; build bridges to get the economy running; and ensure that the health and safety needs of a growing community are met.

    Woodbury needs these three women to bring order from chaos. A vote for them means all of Woodbury will be represented. We need these three because they have the disposition, humility and integrity to work with others, to be steady and compassionate. They will not give up until the work is done.

    Willa Freiband, President

    Orange County Democratic Women