| 01 Feb 2018 | 04:11

    It is amazing how the activities of KJ are reported and there are no ramifications for their impact upon our area.
    Recently, a news article reported the huge amount of flu cases in KJ. There has been no follow up information from officials , the media or the county.
    In other areas with much less flu numbers, schools have been closed. Questions arise about the numbers in KJ who have been vaccinated. Where is our county health department? An urban society with a dense population has this enormous spike in illness and nothing is done.
    The baffling case of KJ continues to perplex any caring citizen. They obviously care little about there neighbor's health issues. In addition, their village administrator recently penned an editorial against taxing their pipeline. He cites their growing population as a justification for their water issues yet discounts the concept of community planning.
    The tail does not wag the dog. Growing population by any standard should be tied to the current amount of water available. The reverse should not be the standard.
    If you are so irresponsible to build and recruit families to an area without water why do you expect others to submit to your poor planning?
    Our county leaders still fail to grasp this concept.
    Finally, KJ has now been outed for some other sources of grants from the state buried in the Dormitory Authority (for sidewalks,etc). This dovetails with their EFC funding of their pipeline. The reports come, land is clear cut, taxes are unpaid, the flu spreads and plans go on for uncontrolled expansion.
    The call for accountable leadership continues.
    So the next question is: When?
    When will KJ and all its incarnations but held accountable like the rest of us to follow the law.
    When will our lawmakers be revealed for the venal people they are?
    Stephen Zecher