‘We need Mike Martucci in Albany to turn the tide before it is too late’

Albany /
| 04 Oct 2020 | 06:43

    One can hardly turn on the television, pick up the newspaper or jump onto social media without seeing another attack on law enforcement.

    Politicians on the left claim they support law enforcement, but then call to eliminate bail, defund the police, take away their equipment, subject them to malicious lawsuits and release officers’ personal information – placing the officers and their families in danger.

    State Senate candidate Mike Martucci has vowed to put an end to this and protect our brave men and women of law enforcement. This is not a popular position to take in liberal New York State, but it is a brave position and shows the strength of his character.

    Mike has received the support of prosecutors and more than two dozen law enforcement associations including unions as small as the Orange County DA’s Investigators to the largest police union in the nation representing the NYPD.

    We can’t have safe communities to raise our families in if we don’t have officers willing to patrol the streets and we won’t have officers if our politicians don’t support law enforcement. We need Mike Martucci in Albany to turn the tide before it is too late.

    Matthew Broderick

    Greenwood Lake