We need Maria Patrizio to be our Family Court Judge

| 11 Oct 2020 | 05:18

    More times than I care to count, I have found myself cringing while I read posts on social media that describe some horrible experience a parent has had in Orange County Family Court.

    What happens in this court can change the entire trajectory of a child’s life, for better or worse, and judging by these posts, a growing number of parents perceive that Orange County Family Court is failing them and their children.

    This needs to change, and that’s why I’m supporting Maria Patrizio for Family Court Judge.

    Maria has been a family court attorney for more than 20 years and she’s written a guidebook on navigating family court in New York State. This book is evidence of Maria’s desire to see the best possible resolutions in these difficult, often emotional cases. She’s also a mom, and whether you meet her at a school event or in a courthouse, she always treats everyone with respect.

    Maria will serve Orange County families well with her years of experience in family court and her ability to remain impartial, fair and compassionate. In the best interest of Orange County’s children and families, I will be voting for Maria Patrizio on November 3.

    Heather LaBruna