‘We deserve better’

| 11 Jan 2021 | 11:26

    As the chair of the Warwick Town Democratic Committee, I feel it is incumbent on me to comment on the attempted insurrection on January 6, 2021.

    Our committee has often spoken against the racist and hateful policies of Donald Trump. His violent rhetoric against POC, women, political adversaries and everyone who has stood for the rights of those whom he disagrees with has long been the driving force of his agenda and quickly led to the demonization of anyone who disagreed with him, even on the smallest of points.

    That this culminated in his inciting the riot which resulted in deaths of five people and destruction should have all citizens enraged.

    Since that time we have heard nothing from our local Republican leaders. They have stayed silent at the time we most need them to stand up for the basic tenants that this country was founded on: The rights of the citizens to elect their leaders in a free and fair election.

    Sixty-two lawsuits found that this was the case, but still Republican leaders have said nothing. Instead of condemnation, we learned that one local assemblyman boarded a bus of “protesters“ headed to Washington D.C. to send them off to protest the very election process that put him in power.

    We deserve leadership that stands by their citizens’ right to vote without fear that those votes be overturned by violent insurrectionists angry with the outcome of an election. That they have stayed silent this long is unacceptable.

    Join me in demanding change by expressing our concerns to our leaders now and in November at the ballot box.

    We deserve better.

    Christine Stage, Chair

    Warwick Town Democratic Committee