Vote for the A-Team

| 23 Oct 2023 | 04:19

    It is that time again when Woodbury residents utilize, or at least should utilize, their right to vote for those that will administer the needs of this community. This year, there is a team that displays a large amount of institutional, professional, and governmental knowledge that can be used in the performances of their duties for the village of Woodbury. I am talking about Tyler Etzel, who is running for the position of mayor, and James Freiband and Matthew Fabbro for the positions of village trustee.

    Tyler Etzel is the former owner and operator of Ace Farms and, most recently, a town councilman for the town of Woodbury. Tyler has witnessed the changes Woodbury has gone through and he wants future changes to be good ones. He has a plan that will make Woodbury easier to work with in the establishment and operating of businesses within our border and be budget conscious at the same time. James Freiband is a long time resident who has vast amount of experience and a degree in municipal planning within the immediate area to include Westchester County and West Point. James brings to the table a concept that has not been publicly offered to the residents of Woodbury before: the creation of a long-range capital plan for the overall improvement of the village’s infrastructure. James intends to do this and be budget conscious at the same time. Though Matthew Fabbro, though younger, is also a life-long member of this community. Matthew is an Eagle Scout with an education background in politics and communication. He is presently a researcher for the NY State Assembly conducting background research and vetting for applicants applying for state grants. From his experience in performing his job, Matthew will be able to craft innovative and well thought out ways to apply for grants to secure funds from New York State and other sources for improving the village of Woodbury’s infrastructure and be budget conscious at the same time.

    Three persons speaking with one voice and one aim; the improvement of the village of Woodbury. Please join me in voting for Tyler Etzel for mayor and James Freiband and Matthew Fabbro for village trustees. You will find their names on Row A on your ballot.

    One final note: Please remember to also mark the Write-In row and write the name of Lidice Mendoza for the position of Woodbury town council.

    Amidee T. (Bo) Haviland III

    Central Valley