Vote for Kathryn Luciana

| 18 Oct 2022 | 06:26

    Woodbury resident, Kathryn Luciana, is a candidate for Woodbury Assemblywoman in District #99. She is creative, dedicated to our community and has a record of completing what she knows will improve our town and village. She wants a community which is safe, healthy and happy by working together to attain that. She also realizes that by expanding to the state level, there are many grants and financial fundings which are available to assist the local towns and villages. They need to be known about and requested if interested. Kathryn’s knowledge and leadership recognizes that demand Woodbury is welcoming new residents, new ideas, and efforts to work together to improve our community. Kathryn’s leadership has guided many movements and organizations which are meeting that goal. (We Are Woodbury, “One Woodbury,” efforts for volunteer firemen, to name a few.) Kathryn campaigned last year for town councilwoman. She won and is doing a great job. By broadening her knowledge and leadership to the state level, she will have more access to what will be available to improve Woodbury. Her home and family live in Woodbury and this will not change. It is most important that each eligible resident vote in November. Learn as much as possible and be a smart voter.

    Dorothy Morris