Vote for integrity, elect Bernie Rivers

| 17 Oct 2022 | 10:39

    Retiring Orange County Sheriff Carl DuBois is supporting candidate Bernie Rivers for Sheriff. DuBois who held his position for 20 years states, “...I want a sheriff that is going to tell the truth, that can testify in open court without any kind of question [of] his credibility. Paul Arteta does not have that.” [Mid Hudson News, Sept. 29, 2022.]

    DuBois is a Republican; Rivers is a Democrat so voters should ask, “why?”

    Bernie Rivers’ opponent, Paul Arteta, was found to have violated a code of conduct in his failure to file a use-of-force report. “The findings prompted the Orange County District Attorney’s Office to add Arteta... to a list of active law enforcement officers who would have ‘serious credibility’ issues if called to testify in court for a criminal case.” [Times-Herald Record, March 3, 2022].

    Investigations into Arteta filing timecards with overlapping hours (double dipping) as well as his being given a desk job after being implicated in alleged election fraud are all things Orange County voters should research and consider.

    There is an excellent other choice.

    Bernie Rivers does not have any blemishes on his distinguished record in law enforcement.

    Bernie Rivers served in the Department of Correctional Services (DOCS) from 1981-1992. He has been a volunteer in the ambulance corps, fire department, and part-time police officer in four Orange County communities before joining the D.E.C. division of law enforcement in 1992. There he served as an officer, investigator, and supervising officer. He was acting division director before retiring.

    He holds a bachelor’s degree in community and human services with a concentration in criminal justice and a training course with the FBI. He was one of the founding directors for the Police Benevolent Association of New York State.

    During a radio interview, Bernie was asked about running for sheriff as a Democrat. He said that a sheriff doesn’t make the laws. He enforces them. I have met Bernie. He has impressed me as a man of integrity.

    Gail Buckland