Tyler Etzel seeks your vote for Woodbury Town Board

| 04 Oct 2019 | 10:58

    Dear friends and neighbors,

    My name is Tyler Etzel and I am asking for your support on election day, November 5th.

    As you may know, Tim Arone and Mike Essig will be retiring from the Woodbury Town Board this year. That means that in November you will have the opportunity to elect two new town council members.

    The board oversees the parks, police and library in Woodbury.

    For the past years, we have had a supervisor and town council members who have accomplished a great deal because they worked well together. I am running for one of those two seats.

    As an active, lifelong member of our community, I respectfully ask that you vote for me so that I can continue to represent our community in an effective and professional manner.

    I was born and raised in the area and graduated from Monroe-Woodbury High School. I earned a degree in business and finance from Cornell University and used that knowledge to help grow my family’s business, ACE Farm, which was in both Monroe and Woodbury.

    The farm was in my family for 101 years. I worked there for 40 years, the last 20 as owner and president of the company, until my recent retirement.

    During that time, I served 15 years as a member of the Board of Directors for Orange County Farm Bureau, with two years as its president.

    Additionally, I served 15 years as a member of the Monroe Town Planning Board, learning how to plan and manage the inevitable growth that our towns have seen and will continue to see going forward.

    I have seen Woodbury grow from a rural, quiet town to a busy suburban community.

    Businesses and sidewalks now exist where there were none.

    Our parks and fields have grown into amazing recreational areas.

    Beautiful homes with backyards have attracted young families and our school system is recognized as one of the finest in the area.

    As the town grows and changes, so does its need for a government attuned to its changing needs.

    I support finding available grants to streamline government, working together with the Village to address community concerns, manage responsible growth through long term planning, develop renewable energy sources with neighboring towns to lower residents’ costs, and attract businesses and manage spending, both to reduce taxes.

    Additionally, I support protecting open spaces vital to a healthy environment.

    Having lived and worked my whole life in the Woodbury area, I would like the opportunity to serve on the Town Board. My goal is to make the Town government as efficient as possible while preserving our family oriented and safe community.

    With a long history of small business management, as well as planning board experience, I feel I can bring substantial benefits to the Woodbury Town Board. I am asking for you support and your vote on November 5th, along with my running mates Frank J. Palermo for Town Supervisor and Thomas Burke as Town Councilman.


    Tyler Etzel

    Central Valley