Tim Egan for Trustee in Woodbury

| 26 Oct 2017 | 01:40

    While campaigning a number of years ago, I had the good fortune of running into Tim Egan.
    At the time, Tim invited us into his home as he had numerous questions around the creation of the Village. He asked highly intelligent questions and listened very carefully to the answers.
    Both of these traits are indicative of someone that belongs assisting the people of any town or village.
    We were lucky that Tim agreed, if we were elected, to serve on one of the Boards of the new Village.
    Since that time, I have had the pleasure of working with Tim to solve numerous issues whether it was when he served on the Zoning Board or now acting as liaison for the Village Board to the Fire Department.
    He has always kept his eyes and ears open questioning when necessary and listening intently to totally understand the issues at hand. He has accomplished this while dealing with complicated financial issues with the Village Budget.
    Tim is not a career politician but is truly a dedicated public servant that only wants what is best for Woodbury. He will definitely be getting my vote.
    Michael A. Kling