‘This kind of error by The Photo News is hard to imagine, much less justify’

Monroe /
| 18 Aug 2021 | 12:01

    My husband and I moved to Monroe from Minnesota two years ago and we have been delighted to read The Photo News on a weekly basis. We understand the incredible importance of having local journalism outlets to not just report on local events but to provide a forum for different opinions in the “Letter to the Editor” section as you know I have participated in several times. Newspapers like The Photo News are dying all over the country including where we lived in Minnesota and we are happy to support The Photo News financially through our subscription.

    Up until the August 6-12th issue, there was a clear record of unbiased, fair reporting of the news. However, the headline of that issue, “Critical Race Theory ‘rewrites history ... and provides false narrative on our most impressionable youth’” was a clear and dramatic departure from that pattern.

    As a headline, it gave the impression that, in fact, CRT does rewrite history and negatively impacts students.

    Both of these statements are the opinion of Assemblyman Colin Schmitt and in no way are “facts.”

    In our fractured political climate, this kind of error by The Photo News is hard to imagine, much less justify.

    While this was disturbing, I’m hoping it is not an indication of what is to come.

    Thanks for all your efforts to provide both sides of controversial issues and to keep the citizens in the Monroe area updated and informed on the important issues of the day.


    Louise Reavis