'This crisis demands immediate action above the influence of faction'

| 01 Mar 2018 | 04:25

    There are many sides to the issue of gun safety, banning and the accompanying violence.
    Change in a democracy often progresses at a snail's pace. However, our society has found methods to limit damage and injury to our citizens.
    The institution of speed limits, banning of weapons of war, the Tommy gun, the requirements for a driver's license are few examples of controls implemented by society.
    As a veteran, I see no reason for weapons of war and destruction to be allowed in our society. It is never too late to pass regulations which may limit carnage of the innocents.
    Logic tells us that with some degree of regulation, an associative amount of safety will occur.
    No one has a crystal ball but as it is often said those who repeat the mistakes of the past are basically idiots.
    This crisis demands immediate action above the influence of faction. Life and safety should be valued above money and extreme interests.
    We cannot continue to mask society's violence with bandages.
    For once, let's rise above the din of nonsense and implement a rational and complete data base, close the gun show loophole and ban weapons of war in our society.
    Stephen Zecher