The importance of voting

| 12 Jul 2020 | 06:06

    We all know people who have either never voted or done so rarely, saying things like “My vote doesn’t make any difference anyway.”

    While this attitude can be perplexing to those of us who treasure our right to vote, we don’t need to become discouraged.

    We are living through what may be one of the most transformational times in our country’s history and now is the time to act.

    Knowing the stakes of the coming November election, I challenge you all to commit to voting yourselves - and to encourage three-four neighbors, friends,or relatives who you feel are “reachable” to do so.

    Young people who have never voted before might be excellent prospects.

    As our local community voting procedures are finalized, stay informed, share the information about how to register, when and where to vote and how to vote by mail.

    We will all be better for it and you will feel like you have made a difference.

    Louise Reavis