The creation of Palm Tree

| 09 Nov 2017 | 07:04

    I know it has been voted on and approved, but doesn't the creation of Palm Tree just put off the land battles for 10 years?
    After the 10 years are over, it seems the population of Palm Tree will have grown even more, they will again be bursting at the seams, and be desperate for land.
    Won't the land battle just start again?
    Perhaps the point is to give Monroe area residents 10 years to get out so they can avoid a repeat of the tension and turmoil.
    I had a really hard time deciding on how to vote.
    In my heart, I still don't feel good about the end result of the election.
    I feel as if we have left this extremely difficult problem to our children.
    I can't see how it is ever going to truly go away.
    Lisa McDonald