Thank you to Bon Secours and the kindest souls in healthcare

| 13 May 2020 | 10:42

To the Editor:

Helene Lane was brought by ambulance from Belle Reve to Bon Secours emergency room on Saturday evening, May 2, 2020, in spite of us begging EMTs to bring her to Newton, where she was familiar and where her physicians were. They had to go to Bon Secours.

We met the rig at the ambulance bay, where my sister and I were greeted outside by a lovely, supportive woman doing her intake.

From there she was tended to by a superb ER nurse named Joan. Joan comforted her and assisted her in calling me soon after we left, keeping in mind that we couldn’t enter the facility because of the COVID-19 outbreak. We had been notified that our mom was being admitted with bilateral pneumonia, which eventually led to a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

The third-floor nurses from the time she was admitted on Saturday until the time of her passing in the early morning hours on Thursday were beyond wonderful. To name a few of God’s angels, nurses Donna, Charlie, Heather, and Jackie, palliative care nurse practitioner Elizabeth, social worker Karen Murphy, along with Dr. Garray and Dr. Johnson. Everyone made her as comfortable as possible and were the kindest souls I have ever encountered in healthcare. I am a nurse myself, working in sales for many years, and I have seen it all.

My family wants to thank all of you for the end of days support you have offered on the frontline of this deadly and frightening virus. May God bless you all!

Bon Secours you rock!

Willa Moats