'Thank you, Republican Party, for helping elect Ken, Michele and Maria'

Tuxedo /
| 08 Nov 2019 | 03:10

    There was a distinct difference in Tuxedo's candidates this year who were running for town office.

    When I received a postcard from the Democratic Party the card stated their platform, issues facing Tuxedo and their vision.

    A week later I get two postcards from the Republican Party disparaging two of the three candidates with lies, misinformation and slander.

    Their card was absent of any substance or issues. One can only conclude the desperation on part of the Republican Party and Republican committee who stoop so low in the gutter.

    Many residents of Tuxedo found the Republican post cards very offensive, disturbing and, yes, ridiculous.

    In fact that post card solidified a vote for the Democrats who were running. Talk about a back fire. Thank you Republican Party for helping elect Ken, Michele and Maria.

    Much credit to the Tuxedo residents who saw so clear through the nonsense and lies.

    Irene Denaro

    Tuxedo Park