Supporting the re-election of Woodbury Village Trustees Andrew Giacomazza and Jesus Gomez

| 20 Sep 2020 | 01:02

    I believe the level of trust and honesty is based on a person’s integrity.

    I have known Andrew Giacomazza and Jesus Gomez to possess this quality.

    If you want people like this to represent you in your local government, then I can attest to their qualifications.

    They have proven themselves by working hard over the past two years on behalf of the Village to control spending and have attempted to work with the Town to resolve the ongoing costly lawsuit.

    They have continually ensured the quality of water, maintained our building codes and are now reviewing the Village master plan for improvements.

    As a past Village board member and Town Supervisor, I find Andrew and Jesus to be the most qualified candidates to guide the Village through these uncertain times.

    I urge you to re-elect Andrew Giacomazza and Jesus Gomez for Village Trustees on November 3.

    David Sutz