Support the efforts

| 24 Apr 2023 | 03:00

    I’m writing in response to the letter to a recent letter that completely missed the purpose of the well-written letter by State Sen. James Skoufis, Assemblyman Christopher Eachus, Town of Woodbury Town Supervisor Tom Burke and Woodbury Village Mayor Andrew Giacomazza to Cardinal Dolan and the Archdocese of New York in support of St. Patrick’s Church of Highland Mills.

    As a former 40-year resident of Highland Mills, I was dismayed to read of the proposed merger of St. Patrick’s with Sacred Heart Church of Monroe. I stand with the parishioners of St. Patrick’s who want to save their community church.

    I passed by St. Patrick’s church almost every day of my 40 years in Highland Mills. There was a constant in Woodbury as I passed each of the churches there, and it saddens me to think of one lost.

    I am not a Christian. I worship still, as I have for 48 years, at Monroe Temple Beth-El. I have empathy for all, religious or not, and I support the efforts of St. Patrick’s, and those leaders who stand with them.

    The writer should be supporting his fellow Catholics who may be losing their church and its community. Whatever one’s belief is about when life begins, this issue is not the place to argue the matter. To the writer, I say “Support your co-religious brothers and sisters, and keep your opinion on when life begins for a different discussion. And yes, love IS love.”

    Charlene Hirschberg