‘Sarita Bhandarkar will be a sounding board for her constituents’

| 01 Sep 2020 | 10:58

    I am writing in enthusiastic support of Sarita Bhandarkar for New York State Assembly District 99.

    I have known Sarita for more than 12 years as a fellow practicing estate planning and elder law attorney in Orange County and can attest to her intelligence, character and compassion for her clients.

    Sarita will bring these same attributes to Albany in representing all the people of her district.

    As the owner of her own law practice, she knows the challenges faced by small business owners throughout the state and will be a fierce advocate for their interests in reducing red tape and providing tax relief.

    In today’s political climate where we see bombastic rhetoric substitute for true leadership, Sarita Bhandarkar will be a sounding board for her constituents and will support and strive to enact legislation to improve the quality of life for the citizens of the 99th District.

    Richard Shapiro