Sarita Bhandarkar for NY State Assembly

| 20 Sep 2020 | 12:54

    The New York State tax cap has kept local levies in check, and in total, local taxpayers have saved more than $24.4 billion.

    Most everyone recognizes that the Pandemic has placed even greater stress on people’s income, so when the NYS Assembly took up the Tax Fairness for the Middle Class Campaign to make the tax cap permanent and cut middle class taxes, I was shocked that our current Assemblyman, Colin Schmitt, rejected it.

    Schmitt has spent much of his two years in office taking photos, but clearly not enough time talking to families who are out of work and need tax relief. Colin Schmitt has been wrong for the middle class on so many issues.

    Sarita Bhandarkar is running to be your next Assembly person because she agrees Schmitt is wrong for the district. Sarita has spent her career helping others. She doesn’t seek a lot of praise for her work, but she does need our vote.

    I’m asking you to vote for the person who will have your interests at heart, someone who supports working families, I plan to vote for Sarita Bhandarkar.

    I hope you will, too.

    Steve Brander

    Central Valley