Sara Sethna announces her candidacy for the Woodbury Village Board

| 25 Sep 2019 | 03:57

    :My name is Sara Sethna; I am running to be your Woodbury Village Trustee on November 5.

    My family and I sought Woodbury as our home because of its many attributes – the natural beauty, a safe backyard where our daughter could play, an exemplary education system, and access to metropolitan areas.

    I am currently a stay-at-home parent, my husband commutes to work, and our daughter attends elementary school.

    Despite serious issues facing Woodbury, many are unaware of how Town and Village Government differ. Residents feel that Village Government is inaccessible and our concerns unaddressed.

    Residents need Village Board members who address their concerns with sensible solutions.

    The Village Board must be good communicators and have transparency.

    Our community faces complex issues, and needs leaders who understand strategic planning and provide sustainable solutions.

    The Village and Town Boards must work together. Unless we are proactive, Woodbury will continue reacting to forces outside of its control.

    I have an MBA in Nonprofit Management and BA in Economics, with years of experience leading organizations and governmental bodies in strategic planning and policy implementation. I am active in the community, including as Election Inspector.

    I have spent time learning about the governments of Woodbury, and issues concerning residents – taxes, budgets, infrastructure, zoning, environment, public safety and economic development.

    I have the skills and interest in making the Village Board vibrant and accessible.

    I will seek grants, and partner with other municipalities and government agencies to find solutions.

    I will be available to you and an advocate for your concerns.

    I ask for your vote to be your next Village Trustee. I believe the Village and Town of Woodbury working together will keep our community strong.


    Sara Sethna

    Central Valley