Restore common sense to the Woodbury Town Board

| 16 Oct 2019 | 07:27

    A short time after the Woodbury Municipal building was rejected, an opportunity presented itself that was a cost-effective solution for both the Village and Town’s municipal office space needs.

    An office building on the corner of Abrams and Estrada was available and was more than adequate to house both the Village and Town’s personnel.

    The acreage was more than enough to meet the parking needs and the addition of a public meeting hall.

    The purchase price was $800,000 and an additional estimate of $600,000 for renovations and a public meeting hall.

    The next step would have been to invest approximately $1.5 million into a complete renovation of the old Town Hall to accommodate a new courthouse facility and parking.

    So, for approximately 3 million dollars, the taxpayers would have had a permanent solution to meet all the Village and Town’s special needs well into the future.

    The Village Board voted 5 –0 in favor, but the Town Board voted 2-3 against with Councilmen Palermo, Essig and Arone in dissent.

    Supposedly Frank Palermo did not want to occupy the same space as the Village, a sentiment he would later echo as Supervisor multiple times. So again, Frank put his own personal agenda ahead of what was in the best interest of Woodbury taxpayers.

    Today Supervisor Palermo boasts that he gets things done, like renting town offices, partially renovating the old town hall and housing the Parks Department in unbearably tight quarters. Temporary fixes to permanent problems will only result in costing taxpayers more money in correcting the mistakes of an egotistical politician.

    Restore common sense to the Town Board. Elect David Sutz Supervisor, Susan Fries-Ciriello and Patrick Rafferty Town Council.

    Michael Queenan

    Mayor, Village of Woodbury