Rachel Bruce is exactly what Woodbury needs right now

| 08 Oct 2022 | 12:58

    When you go to the polls on Tuesday, November 8, I encourage you to vote for Rachel Bruce for Woodbury Town Council. I have known Rachel for many years, including as her Girl Scout leader. Rachel has always been dedicated to public service and helping her community. I was thrilled to learn she was running because I believe she would make an excellent town councilwoman. Rachel is running for town council to “preserve the things we love about Woodbury while preparing for the future,” exactly what Woodbury’s priorities should be right now.

    In many ways, she is already doing this. As a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals, Rachel works to keep developers in check by ensuring they play by the same rules. As co-chair of the Woodbury Land Preservation Committee, Rachel works across the aisle to ensure we keep Woodbury beautiful. She exudes love for our parks, our libraries, and most importantly our residents. Rachel’s qualifications speak for themselves: she has worked in government for over 10 years, is a regional planner, and was born and raised in this community. She has boundless energy and enthusiasm and can execute a plan. Above all, she is kind and puts others first. She is exactly what Woodbury needs right now.This fifth and final seat on the town council is our chance to elect a qualified, open-minded, and Woodbury-focused candidate to lead and represent us. Rachel Bruce is that candidate. On November 8, vote for Rachel Bruce.

    Robin Rosenberg

    Highland Mills