‘Our trust in government and the very foundation of our Republic has been shaken to the core’

| 09 Mar 2021 | 03:48

    Yesterday, I got a disturbing flyer from the New York State Democratic Committee. It accused Colin Schmitt, our 99th District Representative in the NYS Assembly, of having “incited a riot on our Capitol with his lies,” which is blatant libel.

    Assemblyman Schmitt did no such thing.

    Early morning on Jan. 6, before it was even light, Colin went to greet his constituents and the two local men who had organized two buses to the D.C. Rally from Monroe. He shook hands and wished everyone a safe trip.

    Is that inciting a riot? Of course not.

    The Democrat Committee described that as “He rallied a Convoy on its way to the Capitol Riot and a Cop was killed.” Tragically, the Police Officer died of a stroke and two buses are not a Convoy.

    Another slur on the flyer quotes News 12 Westchester stating, “Assemblyman facing calls to resign, accused of hyping up pro-Trump protestors.”

    The American citizens on those buses were not hyped-up by Colin Schmitt. They were patriots worried about the future of our country after a shocking 2020 election.

    That’s why my husband and I went down that day on Amtrak. Everyone we talked to went for the same reason. We wanted Congress to look out their windows and see millions of us on the day they accepted the 2021 Electoral Vote that has affected us all, our kids and grandkids and our sacred right to an honest vote. Our trust in government and the very foundation of our Republic has been shaken to the core. But we did not storm the Capitol or attack anyone on Jan. 6.

    The huge crowds broke up and went home in shock and deep disappointment. Only a fraction of that crowd stormed the Capitol and most were anarchists, agitators, assorted miscreants or simply bystanders allowed in by Capitol Police as we saw on TV.

    The Democrat Committee flyer ended by calling for Colin Schmitt to “Apologize and Resign.”

    For what?

    Being an earnest and honorable member of the NY Assembly and the National Guard?

    We need more good Republican and Conservative representatives for We the People ... not less.

    Meanwhile, not one person on the NYS Democratic Committee put their name on that shameful flyer. Not one.

    Tells me all I need to know.


    Deborah C. Diltz