Our American lifestyle: 'Bloody gun violence'

| 05 Oct 2017 | 02:00

    Another gun massacre. Isn't it about time we did something to kill the romance of the gun?
    Hollywood is the principal promoter of firearms. But people are less capable now than in the past to distinguish between fantasy and reality, and so we have massacres like Las Vegas.
    The fantasy is that we need guns to solve problems.
    The reality is that guns do not solve problems; rather, they cause problems (if you call 50 dead and 500 wounded a mere "problem"), and they make trivial problems immeasurable worse.
    Obamacare has done a good job killing the romance of tobacco products, effectively saving many lives. Why can we not have public service announcements showing the reality of gun violence, especially the hazards of keeping a gun in the home?
    Guns are extensions of their owners - flawed, emotional people, who might very well not reach for a gun in a moment of extreme depression or upon catching his wife with her boyfriend, but who is to say that his children or grandchildren will exercise the same wisdom or self-control?
    Gun culture brought into a family is like a genetic disease that may remain dormant for the time being but is locked and loaded to wreak havoc in the gun family's future, perhaps in the next generation or perhaps several generations from now.
    We need to do something to address this issue. We can no longer continue to accept tragic, bloody gun violence as a normal feature of our American lifestyle.
    Keith Walters